Num Noms Lights Series 2

You might be thinking that we’re going Num Noms mad here and you’d be right! In addition to the Series 5 Num Noms that Little Miss C has been helping me review, we’ve also been sent a set of Num Noms Lights Series 2. In particular a Lights Mega Pack that contains a total of 12 Num Noms.

Num Noms Lights Series 2

Introducing Num Noms Lights Series 2

As I’ve explained before here on Penny Plays Num Noms come in two parts, the soft rubbery outer Num, and the hard inner Nom. In Num Noms Lights Series 2 they are all sweet based.


The Nums fall into the following categories:

  • Gummy Bear Nums
  • Hard Candy Nums
  • Rock Candy Nums
  • Striped Candy Nums
  • Slushie Nums


On the inside you then have light up Noms which, as the name suggests, light up. These then fall into two categories:

  • Gem Candy
  • Rock Candy

The Noms fit onto plastic rings meaning that children have a light up ring that they can wear.

The only thing that slightly disappointed LMC here is that other Noms (from different series) do not fit on the ring. She was rather hoping to be able to wear her lip balm from series 5 on her finger, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Lights Mega Pack

In the Num Noms Lights Series 2 Mega Pack that we were sent to review you can only see what two of the squares contain before you open the packaging.

Num Noms Lights Series 2

In our case LMC could see that she had a Grape Gem Light-Up Nom (one of the Gem Candy category) on a yellow ring, and also a Queen Razz Bear Gummy Bear Num. The rest of the mega pack remained a mystery until she opened it!

Num Noms Lights Series 2

That’s the really nice thing about this particular mega pack. You can either have a blind bag opening frenzy (as LMC did!) or actually split them up and also children to have a mystery pack at a time. Possibly as a reward for doing something during the course of a week or longer. As a parent I really liked this flexible, value for money approach of the mega pack.

What was in our mega pack

Once LMC had got stuck into her frenzy of mystery pack opening she was delighted to find a real range of the Num Noms Lights Series 2 Nums in there, along with a couple more Light-Up Noms.

Num Noms Lights Series 2

Once everything had been opened and she’d taken stock she had the following in her collection:

Light-Up Noms:

  • Grape Gem Light-Up
  • Cotton Rock Light-Up
  • Cherry Gem Light-Up

Num Noms Lights Series 2Striped Candy Nums:

  • Kora Kiwi
  • Spiral Pop

Hard Candy Nums:

  • Water Melon Delight
  • Polly Pucker-Up
  • Blu Razzi

Rock Candy Nums:

  • Grape Rocks

Gummy Bear Nums:

  • Queen Razz Bear
  • Sour Apple Bear

Slushie Nums:

  • OJ Juicy

Num Noms Lights Series 2

As a parent, one thing I really like about this Mega Pack is the fact that it gives a durable plastic tray in which to keep some of Little Miss C’s Num Nom collection. She loves displaying various collectables in her bedroom, but trying to clean around them can sometimes be a bit tricky. Her being able to display them in this tray means I can simply pick it up and dust under it. Far simpler than my usual trick of taking a photo of how everything was arranged, clearing it all to clean, and then trying to put it all back to match a photo!

Num Noms Lights Series 2 are also available in individual mystery packs as well as the mega pack featured here.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Num Noms Lights Series 2 Mega Pack featured for the purposes of this review. All opinions remain our own. This post contains affiliate links.


Num Noms Series 5

Num Noms have to be the collectable that just keeps on giving as far as Little Miss C is concerned. And Num Noms Series 5 is no exception.

Num Noms Series 5 Croissants Crepes polish gloss-upIt’s two years now since we first encountered Num Noms and LMC still likes them now just as much as she did then. For those of you not familiar with the Num Noms concept I should explain. Num Noms consist of two part – a Num and a Nom. The Num is usually made of rubber and fits around the Nom (which is harder in feel) and together they make a Num Nom.

Num Noms Series 5 consists of a series of scented Nums which fall into the categories of croissants, jelly rolls, crepes, bread rolls, marshmallow squares and marble ice cream. The Noms which go inside are either lip gloss or nail polish. The latter being either normal polish, glitter polish or shimmer polish.

We were sent a Series 5 Mystery Pot to review, along with a Croissant Starter Pack.

Series 5 Mystery Pot

LMC started off opening the mystery pot which contained the B Berry Polish-It shimmer nail polish. Also in there was the special edition Blueberry Becca Crepe.

Num Noms Series 5 Crepes polish

This is slightly different to all the other Nums that LMC and I have seen, as it wraps around the Nom rather than just fitting over it.

Num Noms Series 5 Crepes polish

It took a bit of fiddling to get it right, but once it does it fits securely over the nail polish Nom.

Num Noms Series 5 Crepes Gloss up

As I said when I reviewed the Num Noms Nail Polish Maker, LMC really likes nail polish at the moment – making this an instant big hit.

Num Noms Series 5 Crepes Gloss up

Series 5 Croissant Starter Pack

She then moved on to the Croissant Starter Pack. This contains three Noms of the Croissant Noms: Caramel Croissant, Birthday Bernadette and Berry Bella.

Num Noms Series 5 Croissants Gloss Up

Also in there is the Very Cherry glitter Gloss Up Nom and also a Num Noms tray and pair of tongs so that children can play with the Num Noms.Num Noms Series 5 Croissants Gloss Up

It goes without saying that lip gloss is another favourite of LMC’s and she loved the idea of having a collectable toy that also double as a lisp gloss.

Num Noms Series 5 Croissants Gloss Up

Num Noms Series 5 are also available in a larger lunch box play set which contains a total of 12 Noms or Noms.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Num Noms Series 5 that are featured in this post for the purposes of this review. All opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links.


Twisty Petz

As I’ve mentioned before Little Miss C loves collectables. She also is at that stage where she loves bracelets, bangles and other sorts of jewellery. Twisty Petz are therefore her idea of heaven!

Twisty Petz

The idea behind Twisty Petz is that you have a pet that then converts into a bracelet. You can also connect three (or more) of them together to form a necklace. Alternatively you can use them as decorations on bags etc.

Twisty Petz

Each toy basically consists of beads string on some elastic and you need to twist it in a certain way to get it back into one of the pets. LMC and I found it took a bit of getting used to, but once she’d mastered it they were a doddle. Thank goodness there were instructions in the pack!

Twisty Petz

There are over 70 Twisty Petz to collect altogether and, as you’d expect with collectables, there are some limited edition ones and super rare ones to collect too. If you head over to their website you can see a full list of Twisty Petz available and even download a collectors’ sheet.

Twisty Petz


In the three pack that we were sent to review we found Marigold Unicorn and Cakeup Puppy, but then there was also an extra hidden Twisty Pets too. When we opened it we found it to be Jazzy Giraffe. It was a bit tricky to get them all reformed so that they stood up, but LMC seemed to get the knack of that more than me.

LMC is obsessed with taking collectables to school so Twisty Petz are idea because she can actually wear them and therefore be less likely to lose them in her bag or coat pockets during the school day. Fingers crossed this reduces the number of bedtime melt-downs due to lost toys!

Twisty Petz

Twisty Pets are produced by Spin Master and are available in toy shops as well as online. The three pack that we were sent to review retails for £12.99 online at the time of writing. Other pack sizes are also available.

Disclaimer: We were sent a pack of Twisty Petz for the purposes of this review. All opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

Moj Moj – So soft, So cute… So Moj

Little Miss C loves a collectable. Especially a blind bag collectable that happens to also be squishy! That’s why I instantly knew she’d love Moj Moj.

Moj Moj blind bag collectables

95+ Moj Moj to collect

There are over 95 little squishy Moj Moj to collect, and they are sold in blind bags that each contain two of the creatures – alongside an important collector’s tick-list. Each blind bag sells for approximately £4 in toy shops (possibly slightly more online) making them ideally priced as pocket money purchases.

Moj Moj blind bag collectables Moj Moj blind bag collectables

Different types of Moj Moj

Rather than being given a series number, the original series are simply denoted as the 🙂 series. Yep – a little smiley face as the series “name”.

Moj Moj blind bag collectables

The Moj Moj in the series are split into six different types:

  • Adventure seekers
  • Party Animals
  • Couch Potatoes
  • Happy Campers
  • Sun Bathers
  • Day Dreamers

Moj Moj blind bag collectables

As with most collectable series there are some that are rare and some that are ultra rare, but then the fun is in trying to get those rare and ultra rare ones. I know LMC has her heart set on trying to find the rainbow unicorn that is marked as ultra rare in the “day dreamers” category.

So soft, so cute

My first impression of Moj Moj was that they were incredibly, incredibly cute. I wouldn’t mind a set of the little ducks lined up on my desk if I’m honest. The squishy nature of them makes them very tactile and LMC is really into little toys like that at the moment. I guess they’re a bit like stress relievers for kids.

Moj Moj blind bag collectables

With so many to collect and at just £4 for a blind bag of two they’re actually priced really well in comparison to some other collectables on the market. They also have a quality feel to them which as a parent I like. LMC loves little collectables like this and Moj Moj have instantly become a big favourite with her.

Moj Moj blind bag collectables

You can find out more all about the world of Moj Moj over on their official website here. They can be found in most high street toy shops or online on sites like Amazon.

Disclaimer: We were sent three Moj Moj blind bags for the purposes of this review. All opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links.