Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Pong

With this crazy weather we’ve been having lately I’ve been on the look out for toys and games that we can enjoy in the garden. It’s been just too hot for the trampoline, so something a little more sedate has been in order. That’s where Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Pong has been perfect.

Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Pong

Many adults may be more familiar with Beer Pong (which is what I accidentally kept calling this in a sleep deprived, unable to stand the heat, moment – much to the kids amusement). Bubble Pong follows a very similar concept.

The game

Two players stand, or sit, opposite each other, and the aim is to get the ping pong ball into the opponents hole on the Bubble Pong game. When they do their opponent gets a face full of bubbles.

There are three different difficulty settings – all depending on which plastic insert you put in, which changes the size of the hole you are aiming to get the ball into. Once the balls have gone in the holes they then trigger the bubbles, before running down to the tray where players collect them from to throw again.

Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Pong

I’m not sure if it’s just me having rubbish aim, but I seemed to keep managing to get the balls into my own hole – meaning Little Miss C escaped relatively bubble-free, whilst I found myself covered in them!

Any idea of counting the number of balls that went in was totally lost on us. The game has a timer on it and we found that we just kept going and laughing until the timer ran out.


One word of warning about bubble pong. I ended up with two disappointed kids when I first tried to get it out to play as I hadn’t realised that you need 8 (yes eight!) AA batteries. And seeing as they’re not included, we just didn’t have enough in the house. A few online listings for the game say that it only needs 2, so please don’t be caught out.

Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Pong

Continuous bubbles

The machine also has a continuous bubbles mode. The kids made the most of this for a  bubble popping competition in the garden. I can see this also being really popular with the baby when he or she comes along. As everyone knows babies just love bubbles. As do kids of all ages!


Both Little Miss C and Master C loved playing Bubble Pong in the garden. Admittedly it ended up being much more about having fun than playing a game, but that’s not exactly a problem.

Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Pong

For those of us that are supposedly more grown up I can also see this being a great family alternative to beer pong. Perfect for playing at a summer BBQ, or other family garden event. I also expect there would be some hilarious results if you tried a late night vision of it.

Where to buy

You can buy Gazillion Bubble Bubble Pong in store at Tesco, or online via Amazon. It has an RRP of £19.99. It’s also worth noting that you can also buy 2 litre bottles of the Gazillion Bubbles solution, which I have to say seems to be far better for bubbles than many other brands.

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Hedbanz – a family game of “what am I?”

I’m sure at some point we’ve all played one of those games where a post-it note is stuck to your forehead and you have to guess who or what you are. Hedbanz follows the same concept in a family game – with some hilarious results.

Hedbanz family game who am I game

Much as the game name suggests, in Hedbanz each player gets a headband to put on your head which can hold a playing card size card. The idea is that everyone wears on if these with a card placed in it, and they have to guess what they are.

Hedbanz family game who am I game

How to play

Game play works in that each player is given three counters, or chips, at the start of the game. When it is their turn, they turn over the timer and then have that long to ask questions to help them work out what they are. The rules don’t specifically say that it is has to be yes / no questions, but they generally are.

Hedbanz family game who am I game

Helpfully the set also includes a card for each player which has sample questions on it. We played with 8 year old Little Miss C and she found this really helpful on her first go to have a bit of structure and guidance to help her work out what she was. Although – I’ll be honest and say that none of them really helped me to work out that I was a toaster in one round!

Hedbanz family game who am I game

If you guess what you are before the timer runs out then you put one of your chips back in the bank. The first player to get rid of all their chips wins. If there’s still time remaining on the timer then you can also pick up another card to place in your headband, and try to guess a second time.

What we thought

For a game you can have between two and six players. We tried it out with two adults, a thirteen year old and an eight year old. It worked really well with some hilarious results. I can definitely see it being a firm family favourite at Christmas time, or just the next time we have extended family to stay. I’m also guessing that after a couple of drinks it may also go down well with the adults playing alone!

I though the whole chips side of things a bit of a complication. In a way it would just be easier to each take a chip when you guess correctly. But you can easily tweak how you play to accommodate that.

Added bonus

There’s also one extra added bonus of the game which has to be mentioned. It’s wonderful for helping you to get new online profile pictures of people!

Hedbanz family game who am I game

Headband is produced by Spin Master and is available in most high street toy shops as well as online. It has an RRP of £12.99 but if often available for less, especially at sites like this one.

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of Hedbanz for the purposes of this review. All opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links.