Moj Moj – So soft, So cute… So Moj

Little Miss C loves a collectable. Especially a blind bag collectable that happens to also be squishy! That’s why I instantly knew she’d love Moj Moj.

Moj Moj blind bag collectables

95+ Moj Moj to collect

There are over 95 little squishy Moj Moj to collect, and they are sold in blind bags that each contain two of the creatures – alongside an important collector’s tick-list. Each blind bag sells for approximately £4 in toy shops (possibly slightly more online) making them ideally priced as pocket money purchases.

Moj Moj blind bag collectables Moj Moj blind bag collectables

Different types of Moj Moj

Rather than being given a series number, the original series are simply denoted as the 🙂 series. Yep – a little smiley face as the series “name”.

Moj Moj blind bag collectables

The Moj Moj in the series are split into six different types:

  • Adventure seekers
  • Party Animals
  • Couch Potatoes
  • Happy Campers
  • Sun Bathers
  • Day Dreamers

Moj Moj blind bag collectables

As with most collectable series there are some that are rare and some that are ultra rare, but then the fun is in trying to get those rare and ultra rare ones. I know LMC has her heart set on trying to find the rainbow unicorn that is marked as ultra rare in the “day dreamers” category.

So soft, so cute

My first impression of Moj Moj was that they were incredibly, incredibly cute. I wouldn’t mind a set of the little ducks lined up on my desk if I’m honest. The squishy nature of them makes them very tactile and LMC is really into little toys like that at the moment. I guess they’re a bit like stress relievers for kids.

Moj Moj blind bag collectables

With so many to collect and at just £4 for a blind bag of two they’re actually priced really well in comparison to some other collectables on the market. They also have a quality feel to them which as a parent I like. LMC loves little collectables like this and Moj Moj have instantly become a big favourite with her.

Moj Moj blind bag collectables

You can find out more all about the world of Moj Moj over on their official website here. They can be found in most high street toy shops or online on sites like Amazon.

Disclaimer: We were sent three Moj Moj blind bags for the purposes of this review. All opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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